about us

I started my "Adventure Aromatherapy" around 8 years ago. We arrived in this beautiful country a few years earlier and I had a hard time, to find a product I liked, for my bathtub. Too much chemical ingredients and even the colors and scents. Skin problems and allergies did not make it better.

So after a fruitless search I started studying about Mineral Salts, natural colours, Aromatherapy and Essential Oils.

And now, a few years later I am an certified Aromatherapist and my little "hobby" is a small business that keeps us busy. We are a regular vendor on our sourounding Farmers markets over the summer. All our products are handmade from us. All natural, no fillers, artificial scents or ingredients. We are using only 100% pure and certified Essential Oils. Most of them Organic and/or from sustainable growers.