Inhaler or Aroma Stick

Why use it

Our sense of smell is connected to the region of the brain that controls memories, emotions, and hormones. That makes the method of inhaling aromatherapy oils very powerful

A Inhaler gives you a personalized, concentrated dose of essential oils for a sharper, stronger effect. Aromatherapy inhalers are a great way to utilize essential oils for various health and wellness benefits. Studies have shown that inhaling essential oils can help on an emotional level, as well as a physical level.

Some people even find that these all-natural inhalers can help them overcome the urge to smoke by curbing the hand-to-mouth habit of handling cigarettes.  

Why go through the trouble of using an inhaler instead of carrying around a bottle of essential oils? To start, vials of essential oils tend not to spill when not stored upright. That’s bad news for your pocket or purse. Second, it’s best to minimize the times you expose pure essential oils to air, as they will evaporate or oxidize and spoil.

Essential oil inhalers use smaller amounts of oil and have more secure screw lids, so there is basically no risk of spillage.