Pure, natural and convenient aromatherapy on the go...

... our roll-on aromatherapy oils. You can’t go wrong with them.

Roll-on essential oils you can take anywhere. Slip these rollers into your pocket, your nightstand, keep one in your purse, hide one in your desk at work—whenever you need to take a break for a moment and breathe a little easier, these essential oil perfume rollers are the perfect solution. Take the power of aromatherapy with you anywhere you go with these extremely convenient 10ml rollers. They come in a variety of scents to help you with focus, relaxation, and restoration. Find the perfect one for you, and you won’t be able to go without one again!



How it works in our body

Thru the airflow when we are breathing, the molecules get carried through our nostrils,  passe the olfactory nerves, and send a message to our central nervous  systems via the limbic system (our primitive brains), the seat of out  moods and emotions thus influencing the body physically and emotionally.