Inhaler for Aromatherapy


Inhaler for Aromatherapy


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How to use

These devices couldn’t be easier to use. Simply remove the cap, let the wick fall in, add your essential oils, place the inhaler under your nose and inhale deeply. Some people prefer to center it under one nostril at a time while closing the other with their fingers. Make sure you twist the cap back tightly when done to prevent the wick from drying out.

To avoid headaches or other reactions start with a low dose, 3-4 drops. If you experience no negative reactions over the next days you can add 2 drops more over time. Do not decide 8-10 drops in total!

Essential oil inhalers are entirely safe for daily use, so long as you don’t have any sensitivities to the specific scent you’re using. For instance, some people might find a minty menthol scent overpowering or feel that it burns their nose.

The primary appeal of essential oil inhalers is their portability. Keep yours in your purse, pocket, nightstand, car glove box, or anywhere else that keeps it within reach.

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